Me and You

How We Work. We believe that if you are interested in what you do it will show in your ideas. That is one of the reasons that we, for each of our clients, put together customized teams consisting of the best people most suitable for the project. We work with an extensive network of passionate and competent people from the communication, design, media, fashion, arts and entertainment industries.
Our process always begins with our clients existing channels of communication, looking at everything from clothes hangers, switchboard routines, changing rooms, shopping bags, advertising and commercials. Then we look at how we can connect with the consumer in the most effective way using the best channels of communication.
If you want to see some of the results of our work check out some of our cases.

Perhaps it's a small message
on a coat hanger, a clever sms game, or a spontaneous live performance. The goal is to connect. And have something
to say when you do. Because we'd be looking kind of stupid
if we didn't.