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- Storytelling: Grythyttan & Häringe Palace

Storytelling project for two of C/O Hotels unique destinations: The Inn at Gryhyttan – the hot spot in Sweden during the 70’s and 80’s, and Häringe Palace – where eccentric millionaires and kings have partied since the days of Gustav Vasa.

Find the stories – after deep and thorough research - about the people and history of each hotel and bring the stories to life. We needed to create the right atmosphere and add something a little extra to the guest experience.

Instead of turning fact into history we focused on finding “The good story”. Stories that guests would enjoy reading and, most importantly, stories they want to tell to their friends.
The stories will be used as the foundation for all future marketing and each room will be designed to fit the story given to the it.

In collaboration with Planeta Design.


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