Me and You

About Me and You. When we started Me and You we did it with a simple idea: Good communication makes people feel, think, and act. In todays media littered society the challenge is to create communication that is smart, fast and flexible. We believe in channel - and media - neutral ideas that engage and move people. It’s rather simple: We try to create things that would make us tick.
We always place the story of your brand in focus and we never settle for solutions limited to a specific media or outlet. However we always look at your existing media channels first to see how we can use them in the most effective way. Are you ready to start looking at different solutions for your company? Contact us here. Or read more about the way we work and what we believe.

Brands, just like people, need to have good friends. Friends that listen, care, and look out for you. New friends are hard to find, old ones we take for granted. We like to have a lot of friends. Perhaps we can be yours too?